Thursday, September 20, 2012

as any of you who have read my blogs, i'm not politically correct. i don't intend to offend, but i don't apologize for who i am. i was navy wife barbie in public for almost 2 decades and i will not surrender my identity for anyone or anything.

so...obviously i'm not crude, but if you are of the sensitive nature and any of my writings offend you, just move along. you are welcome to not read them...

ahhhh...with all that said, i have not offended any of my spark brothers or sisters to my knowledge. i just started with that disclaimer after i wrote the word 'chick' in my title and considered re-wording. why would i re-word. they are mine. i own them.

onto the actual awesome 16 yr old daughter and her future farmers of america chapter made it to state yet again this year for another category! yay them. they work and study so hard.

i was unable to chaperone the last overnight state trip so i was thrilled when i got to do this one.

i get an email from the teacher that me and another (who i happened to know is extremely over protective and treats her perfectly normal daughter like an invalid and reminds me very much of kristen chenovich's character on the GCB) and told us we would have to figure out driving arrangements since the kids would all be riding in the van and that we would be sharing a room.

here's my driving arrangement. i'm going the 5 hour drive thru florida, top down on the jeep getting some rays. you are welcome to join me other crazy mom.

she'd love to she said and she's bringing her 5 YEAR OLD GRANDBABY THAT SHE IS RAISING WITH US.


so i've already decided that i'm not sharing a room with a 5 yr old that isn't blood or that i'm required to love. i didn't like sharing hotel rooms with my own kids when they were little. oh hell no

so i send a side email to the teacher who is equally mortified. she suggests i stay with 3 of the teenage girls (including mine) and the crazy mom's daughter can stay in teh room with her and the 5 yr old.

crazy mom didn't like that. she thinks her daughter would rather (really? rather?) stay with the other girls.

the most awesomist teacher found a diplomatic way to let the crazy mom know that this was her apple that upset the apple cart so basically get over it or pay for your own damn room.

seriously? who does that?

3.5 miles made me feel better but it didn't make her less of space invader oblivious dumb A**

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