Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Foodie's Wellness Journey

so here it is...

i freaking love food.
new food
comfort food
semi-odd food
beautiful food
food network
cooking food..it actually brings me zen

so what's a foodie girl to do?

my, uh, we'll call it a hobby (obsession), has caused my wellness journey to be more challenging.

the good news is i'm not truely glutanous. i'm not a buffet girl so much as a try a little of everything girl.

one of our favorite past times is trying out restaurants that tv travel shows have been to. Triple D being my favorite. i have tried some of the most incedible things.

i have an app on my phone from tvfoodmaps.com that even has an option to create road trips.

here's a great thing we have learned about trying, but not over-do'ing....

he orders one item, i order another. we each eat 1/4 of our own and 1/4 of the others and take the rest home for later. the kids just hammer down whatever. they like fruits and veggies and eat balanaced (excpet for when my son tries to convince me that hot fries are a veg). they have extrodinary metabolisms and are all (except the one in college) high school athletes.

we lay off most of the sides, such as fries, that are not unique or that you can get anywhere.

i understand that WHAT you eat is as important as how much. This is not the ultimate option, but it's working for us.

we have met some incredible characters and made some fantastic memories. without our crazy hobby, i would have never understood the joy of chargrilled oysters from drago's in new orleans. call it emotional eating, judge me too...i don't care. my mouth waters at the thought of these yummy little protein and zinc filled treasures covered in garlic and parm!!!
woo hoo

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