Tuesday, February 12, 2013

have you ever wanted to bitch slap a yogy?

me neither, til today....it had been coming. i have a FANTASTIC job that allows me to work out 1 hour 3 times per week. i'm on a schedule. the class is a 50 min class and is a 5 min walk from the office. should be easy right? WRONG! this chick addresses one of my biggest pet peeves....those who don't value others' time. my time is valuable. your time is valuable. behave accordingly.

often she doesn't start on time so i had adjusted the time in which i go over from 1015 (supposed start) to 1030. i get there at 1030 today and she's sitting on the floor b.s.'ing with folks from her previous class. SERIOUSLY!?!?!! completely unprofessional. i left the class....

what to do now, make lemonade. how do you make lemonade in the gym with flip flops on? hmmmm. got it...stationary bike and hand weights.

note to self...ditch the idea of attempting to guess her schedule, find my own damn zen and always bring kicks to the gym

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